About me

Hei there!
Thank you for landing on my page!  Maybe you know me already years … But maybe not…
So… Let me tell you little bit about myself… 😃
I was born in Tallinn, Estonia and I am a mother of four wonderful children.

Most of my professional experiences are from Europe, from my home country Estonia, Scandinavia and also from beautiful Florida, USA.

I speak 4 languages – Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, and a little bit of Spanish.

Thanks to a never ending thirst for challenges I have been able to develop myself to be flexible with my career. I have mastered different professions in various walks of life, developing a number of companies. I have been an entrepreneur over the last 15 years. My main expertise has been in Beauty-world, Direct Sales, marketing, and consultation services, including conducting seminars and mentoring sessions in financial education in Robert & Kim Kiyosaki’s international CashFlow team. One workshop series I developed an officiated in Estonia was dedicated for woman to increase their knowledge about financial education.
I started and managed a Beauty Salon/Spa for families, where I offered various services beside the regular beauty services. For example, at that time my salon had the first and only Infrared Sauna and the only Salt-Chamber in Estonia – helped many kids with allergies and respiratory illnesses.
During the same time period I was a trainer for all Estonian markets for beauticians in spas and the biggest mall in Tallinn.
This past beauty world experience gave me at least basic work in US “old-time” recruitment system, where is not easy to get “in”… it took over 6 mo to wait when they opened the new program for what they needed new staff… so I got more trainings …as a Beauty Consultant in Walgreens new Beauty Enthusiast program. I was very highly educated for this job… but thanks for it… I got the job.. “in the corner of Happy and Health”… what gave me so many more lessons and new contacts.. Life! Memories!
Earlier, I have also been involved in medical work, insurance and leasing and was secretary for the Educational ministry of Estonia. I have had a role in two  large Swedish companies as a Product-manager in their Estonian branch.
In 2011 I co-partnered with a very successful and fast growing Nordic stock company – Zinzino.
I helped to build up a super sales team with quality Coffee and unique test-proven health products. I became one of the TOP leaders in the company within 6 months and made my main income through MLM (Multi Level Marketing) for years. I organized international leadership events and trainings from a hundred to a couple of thousand people.
Beside product and business trainings I have always loved to teach and counsel people how to DREAM and set Goals. And that I have done here and there…with hundreds and thousands…
This all led me to follow my own Dreams, so I packed my belongings and moved to Miami, Florida in the end of the year 2013.
Many people asked from me – beside all other things, what about me and Real Estate? Why I gave for it so many time and nerves and pain of learning for exams… Just for a passion…or…🤔
I was always interested also in beauty around us, as in nature same in architecture and interior design. I made thousands of pictures whenever I saw something beautiful for my eyes… 
I have lived in over 30 different places and been a Chairman/Manager of two Apartment Associations. I love to collect different experiences and knowledge. I also have a Certificate of Real Estate in Estonia. I bought, sold, rented, and leased apartments, houses and townhouses. I felt it was a natural progression to get involved into real estate business also in Florida – Worlds Dream Destination for vacations and living. So I took a big step for myself and passed the school and got one of the hardest FL state licenses for Real Estate in Summer/Autumn 2016…. Why again&again? 🤔… Time have Answers and I have Trust!
Next to business and work, I Loved ❤️
With Love… I raised my wonderful children with resilient animals and looked after my soul and body with good music and dancing, over 20 years of different stage and Latino dance. Since 2014, I fell in love with a certain species of Yoga – I found my daily earthing and healer and wish to grow deep in it to help others heal themselves. Self-healing is a process… like a life… so it is growing and changing on the road… picking up more good habits… and learn to share all good experiences with people, who need the guidance or inspiration…about most simple and natural things – Alchemy of Being 💫🧬
As you already understood my life was changing suddenly like an “roller coaster” and not once.
I have always new beginnings and challenges on my way… I am thankful!
Over years I learned to trust life and just follow… like a driver who drives in the dark and sees an illuminated road only 30 to 60m in advance but trusts that this chosen road will take him to the desired place 🥰
2020 have given to me very bright signals and I follow the light and love and share them how I have to.
Building up now my new fresh community base for New Era Awakening Souls and Light Creators in Estonia… Elulooja.ee
This have been the reason of my journey – to become 💜The Expert of Adaptation to Change💜
C’est la vie!
Enjoy the road and moments,
(update 15.02.2021)